Through the Decades: How to care for your skin at every age
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Through the Decades: How to care for your skin at every age

Through the Decades: How to care for your skin at every age


As we journey through life, we are always experiencing change. So the same can be said for the skin on your face. But with the endless array of products, fads and advertisements it can become too difficult and over complicated. Yet a simple yet effective approach to skincare is all you need.But as we age, our routines change as do our skin concerns, so we here we have, decade by decade, how to care for your skin.


Oh yes, its the humble teenage years where we experience the pimples and worst case; acne. At this age it is important to care for the skin not only externally, but also internally with a healthy balanced diet and drinking enough water.Now it is important to not forget, less is always more. Cleansing your skin and hydrating it with a good moisturizer is all you should be doing to staying on the right track. We (skincare professionals) find teenagers tend to have dry skin, which often creates skin issues.

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Now it is time to begin the good habits, which your future self will thank you for. At this time in your life makeup application plays a large part in your routine, but just as much time should be devoted to removing it. Taking off your makeup before hitting the pillow is a must, as leaving makeup on overnight blocks the pores promoting pimples. It’s important to let the skin breathe and keep it as hydrated as much as possible.Most importantly, let us introduce you to your new best friend, SPF. Sun damage can be easily avoided by applying a little sunscreen into your daily skincare routine. Whilst that tan might look good now, your skin will face the consequences in later years.

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Entering your thirties becomes a real eye opener with your skins cellular turnover beginning to slow down. Gentle exfoliation is recommended to help remove dead skin and promote new skin cells. Fine lines begin to appear, especially around the eye area from the effects of smiling and squinting, where the skin tends to be much finer.

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As the skin begins to dry and become more prone to damage due to the skins lipid barrier starting to thin, we always recommend the vitamin C’s, A’s and serums. It’s also time to begin looking after your neck and décolletage so it doesn’t crepe in the later years. If you master these into your routine, you’re set for life.

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You may have retired by now, but your skin sure hasn’t with sun damage prevention still high on your agenda. With slow skin cell turnover, skin can become dry and lose its elasticity. Some lines may become more prominent, with menopause also changing your skins game. Most women will experience some kind of skin problem or extreme dryness.

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