Good Skin- Daily Routine
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Good Skin- Daily Routine

Good Skin- Daily Routine

GOOD SKIN- Daily routine

We can always choose one thing that we would like to change about our skin, whether it is acne, pigmentation, redness, sensitivity, dryness, vitality or ageing. Sometimes the list is endless.

Remember, great skin is the result of a consistent home care regime, practised daily.

In four simple steps you’re on your way to achieving great healthy hydrated skin.


CLEANSE- AM/PM- whether you choose milk or gel they are designed to remove impurities and makeup.

TONE-AM/PM Toners are an essential part of your skincare regime as it balances the skins PH Levels.

EXFOLIATE- helps slough off dead skin cells. Use 2-3 times a week or as prescribed by your skincare therapist.

HYDRATE / MOISTURIZE –AM/PM It is very important to maintain the skin moisture balance, well hydrated skin is a healthy skin.

Look forward to discovering renewed, revitalised and regenerated skin.  Remember, skin is for life so the secret to healthy skin lies in the partnership between you and your skincare specialist.


Skin Specialist